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The sentences in the paragraph below are in the wrong order. Drag them into the correct order.

'novice users use browsers to avoid cognitive overload rather than as a way of dealing with
One consequence of this, according to Heller (1990), citing Marchionini (1989), is that,
The variety and extent of web-based material, 'rich with information perspectives'
A further consequence of this is that learners will rapidly lose motivation and commitment to the task.
that is, the user not having enough 'working memory' to deal with the volume of information.
(Heller:1990) can quickly lead to 'cognitive overload',
it. Browsing from information node to information node requires less confrontation with the material
than an organised deliberate review or examination of the information in the system.'

Code credit: This exercise utilises SortableJS JavaScript library for drag and drop functionality.