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The sentences in the paragraph below are in the wrong order. Drag them into the correct order.

If there is some interruption, however, this is not the case'.
the end of a list are among the ones most likely to be recalled if the subject is allowed to begin recall immediately.
are more likely to be recalled than the words after them, but unlike the recency effect,
The 'recency effect' and 'primacy effect' are closely related to the concepts of short-term
and working memory. The recency effect is defined by Stevick (1976:13) as follows: 'The words at
The primacy effect, on the other hand, is where the first words in a sequence
'the primacy effect is present whether recall is immediate, or whether it is delayed' (Stevick:1976:13).

Code credit: This exercise utilises SortableJS JavaScript library for drag and drop functionality.