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"Working in groups is a bad idea because it encourages weak students to let the others do the work." Discuss

Paragraphs 3 and 4

A further benefit of group-teaching is the preparation it provides for working in teams. In a great variety of careers today, the employees are asked to, and are judged on their ability to work in teams. Group working in class represents basically the same concept. The same skills are being tested and developed - interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence, to mention just two. In business today, the ability to lead effectively and to support one's peers is prized almost above all other skills.

In conclusion then, while it may sometimes be true that the weak students may 'take it easy' sometimes in groups, allowing others to work hard to compensate for their laziness, if the lesson materials are interesting and the teacher motivating, this is a rare occurrence. As outlined above, there are so many 'pros' to this method of classroom configuration that these easily outweigh this somewhat questionable 'con'.

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