There follows a list of prepositional phrases, which it may be helpful for you to memorise. Most of the vocabulary has been selected because of its high frequency in academic English, based on the Academic Word List. For more information about the Academic Word List, and the work of Avril Coxhead in compiling it, follow this link to Sandra Haywood’s website at the University of Nottingham Academic Vocabulary .

If you need to check the meaning of any of the expressions then please check them in a reputable online dictionary.

in accordance with  as a result of
in contrast to/with  in theory and in practice
in comparison with (usually similarity) in comparison to (usually difference)
 by means of  apart from
as part of  according to
in favour of  as opposed to
on the contrary  under pressure from
other than  on behalf of
in common with  on the basis of
with regard to  except for

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