Brightly coloured luxury cars and white collar crime: yet another dead end?

Academic Glossary
Assert (verb) to state a point of view or claim very strongly
Assess (verb) to judge the quality of value of an idea or claim in a particular field of research
Citation (noun) when an author quotes from (or paraphrases) a (named) expert by referring to their work as evidence for the argument or a point the author wants to make
Cited authority (noun) naming of an expert, with the year of the work cited, in a particular field to support an  author's argument
Cited research (noun) published authoritative material from other writers that an author uses to support their argument
Claim (verb) to argue something is true that others may disagree with  
Debate (noun) the discussion that happens around a question or problem in a specific subject area when different researchers have different points of view about it (in this case whether owning a brightly coloured car onnects the owner to cases of fraud)
Field (noun) a specific academic research area or subject of common research interest
Identify (verb) to discover or state exactly what a problem is
Language of an article (noun) words and terminology used in an academic article (in this case) criminology
Logical argument (noun) a carefully constructed, series of statements, with evidence, that will convince readers that a view is correct
Move (noun) according to John Swales, Professor of Linguistics at the University of Michigan, introductions of many journal articles go through four ‘moves’ (stages) to show readers that an article is worth reading and has something new to say.
Point of an argument (noun) a specific idea or part of an argument or discussion 
Situate (verb) how an author connects their argument (or ideas ) to other writers' research in the same field
State of a research area (noun) what is currently the accepted (orthodox) view of a question in a research field
Step (noun) in an article a step is a stage in the process of developing an argument or  discussion
Subject field (noun) a specific subject area of research (in this case City fraud)
Tone of an article  (noun) the style and ideas of a text and how they are expressed