Choosing the Right Preposition

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
   about      against      between      by      in      of      on      to      with   
1.) These provisions are designed to ensure that the disabled are not discriminated at interview.
2.) This investment is equivalent the annual budget for our department.
3.) These materials were evaluated a number of different students.
4.) This research therefore focuses problems encountered at a later stage.
5.) The findings were, unsurprisingly, identical those of our control group.
6.) These measures were implemented the local government organisations throughout the region.
7.) Calories from fat interact genes to affect body mass index.
8.) Most workers have stated that they are motivated praise as well as financial incentives.
9.) Delegates only participated these sessions when they felt confident to do so.
10.) The data that was collated earlier researchers might consequently be inaccurate.
11.) All of the participants need to register the appropriate authorities.
12.) A greater number of restrictions were placed those who had committed other offences.
13.) The experiment was merely a simulation what these conditions might be like.
14.) The features of dialect are specific people within this geographical area.
15.) The survival all the species mentioned above is no longer assured.
16.) Only one of the many theories emigration from these islands was put forward.
17.) This incident was triggered the extreme meteorological conditions at the time.
18.) The utilisation a different system may be beneficial in the long term.
19.) There has always been a tension these two conflicting forces.
20.) The sustainability such forms of tourism is clearly debatable.