Gerund or Infinitive?

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1.) It was copied to the master file for other parties with the necessary authority (access) .
2.) A number of methods have been tried, but all have failed (achieve) this aim.
3.) Nevertheless, technology now provides the possibility of (allocate) high energy and repetitive work to machines.
4.) (anticipate) the problem does not make it any less likely to occur.
5.) Yet, Britain has been fortunate in (benefit) from a healthy, successful and much envied system of broadcasting.
6.) We have offered (fund) the research behind and preparation of the document internally.
7.) (design) the information systems project around management needs may ignore other operational requirements.
8.) It is extremely common to find students (attribute) such problems to lack of time for background reading.
9.) This sampling is very important since it obliges you (clarify) points you have recognised.
10.) It is imperative, in Jane Austen's view, (maintain) a proper balance between reason and energy.
11.) The key to this project was seen as (establish) close links with the private sector.
12.) In addition, the facility for (incorporate) sound within a program means a further dimension can be added.
13.) So far we have discussed instructions for manipulating numeric values (obtain) a new value.
14.) (target) the right potential customers has been the job of the marketing team.
15.) Anthropologists have spent the best part of a century (debate) the significance of these beliefs and rituals.