Comparing and Contrasting Cloze

Cloze exercise

Select one of the words from the list at the top to fill in all the gaps in the short texts.
   between      contrast      except      far      for      have      regard      Regarding      such      whereas      which   
We compared the differences frogs and toads in our class on academic writing. We analysed a series of features as the families they belong to, their appearance and their habitats.
frog.png  toad.png

Firstly, as as families are concerned, frogs belong to the Ranidae family, toads belong to the Bufonidae family. With to their appearance, frogs are about 1-4 inches long and have smooth, green or brown skin with dark markings, pointed heads and black legs, are longer than their front ones. As toads, they have a beige skin with brown markings, dry and warty looking skin and look 'chubby'. the places where they live and the areas that they prefer, frogs live in water or in rainforests that are not far from water all over the world, for Greenland, Antarctica, Madagascar, New Zealand and Australia. In , toads live on the land in Europe, Asia and northern Africa.