"As" or "Like"?

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps with "as" or "like", then press "Check" to check your answers.
1.) all other workers in 1922, Belorussian railwaymen complained about their pay.
2.) Dramatic playing, therefore, life, contains elements of the performance mode.
3.) Climatic change may, on Skye (Birks, 1973) have eliminated Helianthemum in the post-glacial age.
4.) The studies used a basis for judgement are generally lacking in control.
5.) Epic poetry, sculpture, is an Apolline art.
6.) However, when seen again an outpatient, she admitted to recurring feelings of anxiety.
7.) These methods and practices are employed by police officers the main resource for accomplishing police work.
8.) oil and coal fields, peat bogs act as vast carbon stores.
9.) In a great city Ibadan a flour made from cassava is the basic foodstuff.
10.) His theology was, however, deeply unorthodox we saw in Chapter II.
11.) Divisive questions the Boer War were carefully avoided.
12.) Emotional problems are often presented justification for a person's drunkenness.