Reference and Substitution Cloze

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps with the reference words and those used for substitution in the sentences, then press "Check" to check your answers.
   ones      such      that      the same      these      This      those      to do so   
1.) According to Roman law, no one could bear arms except those entitled , the only exception being hunting weapons.
2.) The appearance of later stages is usually a development from earlier using the same components, and not a radical replacement.
3.) It must be borne in mind that the majority of data have been derived from subjects younger than 65 years (Koch-Weser, 1978).
4.) Simple matrices similar to employed to good effect in many of the studies described in this book can also be of benefit;
5.) Harris and South Uist are so moist that even in summer (April-September) there is a PWS of over 500 mm. is related to the fact that rainfall increases with altitude.
6.) Animals look similar are classified together, and not only that , they are also closely related in an evolutionary sense (or put another way, they share a common ancestor).
7.) The results of the tests show that there are still substantial levels of discrimination and that levels of discrimination against Indians, Pakistanis and West Indians are much .
8.) 17th century male dancers were trained to dance female roles and were often called upon in serious works, costumed in such a way as to disguise their gender.
9.) Perhaps, then, men find women's conversation difficult to follow, and since they are the powerful group, they can deal with their incomprehension by defining women's behaviour as deviant and wrong - "illogical" is just their word for .
10.) This, however, seems to him the condemnation of such uses of the words and forms of moral judgement.