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new Undergraduate student in UK usually participates in Fresher’s week; week which constitutes form of initiation to University life. new student will probably meet other - students from all over country, and indeed, from all over world. Universities all over England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland follow same rituals at the start of term. There are always plenty of societies to join and classes to sign up for. Here in London, each University has it’s own festivities, most of which are organised by students themselves. However, University isn’t just about partying and having good time. serious nature of learning through analysis, reading, writing and discussion is primary reason most students have committed at least three years of their lives to further study. Students will follow carefully engineered course of study, according to their chosen discipline. They will attend lectures, take part in seminars and meet deadlines on homework and coursework. Exams are usually dependent on which subject student has chosen to read. The disciplines of mathematics, engineering and sciences err towards examination as means of summative feedback, rather than essays and assignments which are favoured by humanities and social science subjects.